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  Jiangsu Su zhong Switch Factory (formerly the state-run low-voltage switchgear plant Jingjiang) is a professional production of high medium low voltage switchgear equipment, plant 40 years, the total assets of 43.29 million yuan, the total number of 386 employees, including professional 186 technical staff, has from the U.S. introduction of multi-station CNC turret punch press, the Netherlands introduced CNC hydraulic bending machine and other first-class processing equipment and a complete paint, plating production line equipment to ensure product quality has always been to meet the national standards requirements and special requirements of customers. At the national machinery factory Ministry Ministry of Electric Power in 2089, September 5 high-voltage switchgear manufacturing order and the consolidation of product quality has access to advanced type of red cards, 2 OO three years in the country takes the lead in quality assurance through the Quality Association Centre for ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and China Quality Certification Center Low Voltage Switchboard CCC certification.
Plant has been committed to high-tech product development, in 1998, Pakistan"s Chashma nuclear power plant for the successful development of GCK-G shutdown circuit breaker cabinet, PED-G DC power distribution equipment products to fill the gap and passed the Ministry of Machinery Industry Product identification. 2000, GCK-G 1E-level low-voltage withdrawable switchgear successfully supporting the use of 863 high-tech projects at Tsinghua University Hospitals temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power engineering, product testing by the National Institute on Aging, seismic tests and the patent law firm in China"s nuclear industry investigation new shock, fire-retardant, anti-aging products such as nuclear grade special requirements, the product of the performance index reaches international advanced level, again by product identification Nuclear Industry and have won the "high-tech products in Jiangsu province", " Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award "and so on. In 2004, the factory once again for the Chinese Atomic Energy Research Institute of China Experimental Fast Reactor Emergency Power Supply System GCS-G 1E-level low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, the products are the aging test, seismic testing and inspection of Jiangsu Province Novelty ICC new switchgear the overall flame retardant, anti-aging, seismic and other nuclear safety performance level required to fill the domestic blank. The products are advanced in performance, quality, safe and reliable level of nuclear safety requirements such as performance, the nuclear industry, widely applied, have supporting the use of Qinshan nuclear power plant at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Power Institute of China, J01 Project , Tsinghua University reactor, China Experimental Fast Reactor, advanced research reactor, Isle Bay, Shandong Huaneng HTGR nuclear industry nuclear power demonstration projects and other key works, to continue to domestic nuclear industry to demonstrate its leading customers country, overtaking the world technology and superior performance.
Factories around the country in the widespread marketing center, product sales all provinces, overseas marketing performance significantly, the product exported to Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone and other countries, companies in its stable quality and excellent customer service enjoys a good reputation.
Since the founding of the factory, has won the "Best Corporate cost of Jiangsu Province 1000", "Jiangsu Province, the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "AAA grade credit enterprise in Jiangsu Province." In 2091, as supporting Beijing Electron Positron Collider engineering product quality, performance art, won the Premier Li Peng signed the original Certificate issued.
Factories will maintain "all customer-centered" concept to "forge ahead, realistic and innovative" spirit of enterprise for the community to provide more reliable high-technology products and services.
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