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【GZS1 (KYN28) based in the home switchgear】

GZS1 (KYN28) type of home-style 3-10KV switchgear line three-phase AC 50Hz, for the acceptance and distribution of Single Bus power transmission and distribution system control device. Mainly used in power plants, transmission medium and small generators, industrial and mining enterprises as well as electrical power distribution system by the secondary substation of electricity transmission and large-scale projects such as high-voltage motor starting controls, protecting and monitoring purposes its technological level reached 80 years of international advanced level, the main technical performance meet GB3906-91 "3-35KV AC metal enclosed switchgear." Rated insulation level consistent with GB311.1-97 "insulation with high voltage transmission and distribution equipment." Rated voltage 3,6,10 KV, maximum working voltage 3.6,7.2,12 KV, rated frequency 50Hz, rated current of the main bus 630,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150 A.

The switchgear cabinet and by the fixed component can be extracted (or Used) two parts, cabinet shell and the functional units are made by bending steel, corrosion resistant and has a strong antioxidant. Switch cabinet doors with electrostatic spray, to the surface with anti-impact, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and so on. Switch cabinet with overhead inlet and outlet, cable outlet and into contact about the functions, programs can use to arrange the switch cabinet formed to complete the design features of the distribution device.

Used cabinet is divided into partitions room, bus room, cable rooms, relay control room, each unit of housing have a separate ground. Handcart rooms specific guide for the circuit breaker in the drawer glide and work, in front of static contact with valve body, thus effectively safeguarding the operators and maintenance personnel, cable rooms can be installed with a current mutual inductance device, grounding switches, surge arresters and cable, and prepared at the bottom slot of the removable aluminum plate to ensure that the construction site convenience, the relay control room for the installation of various types of relays, meters, signal lights, operating switches, etc. components, in addition to an increase in the meter room at the top of picture-line room to control the laying of 13 Road, Small Bus. In the handcart room, bus room, cable rooms equipped with pressure relief devices above, when the circuit breaker or main bus, cable room when an internal arc fault, arc accompanied by the appearance of increased pressure within the switchgear, to a certain pressure, the top Department of pressure release device will automatically open the metal plate to release the pressure discharge gas, to ensure the safety of operators and switchgear.

Switch cabinet with safe and reliable interlock device, fully meet the requirements of the five anti-

1, control room with the door with the key switch to prevent accidental together, wrong sub-circuit breakers;

2, circuit breaker or work in the test position, the circuit breaker to the CO;

3, circuit breakers and grounding switches mechanical interlock, only when the circuit breaker in position or out of cabinet drawer test, the grounding switch to switch on, while handcart can not enter the cabinet. Used in cabinet work location, grounding switch can not switch on.

4, under cabinet door require special keys to open the internal Pentagon;

5, circuit breaker in the test or do the work place, and no control voltage, the only sub-gate manually.

6, Used In working position, the second plug is locked can not be removed.

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外壳IP4X          隔室间IP2x


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