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【GCS Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear type】

【Voltage withdrawable switchgear MZS】

I. Features

The withdrawable switchgear for the recent development of new products. Their technical level has reached 80 years of international level.

【】 Compact design: The small space can accommodate more functional unit.

【Structural versatility, flexible assembly】: to 25mm as the modulus of C-sections to meet the various structural types, degree of protection and use of environmental requirements.

】 【Standard modular design: each will be formed to protect, operate, change, control, regulation, determination, direction and other standard cell, the user can be arbitrarily selected assembly. More than 200 different kinds of assemblies could form the framework of the program structure and drawer units.

】 【Safety: a large number of high intensity flame retardant engineering plastics components effectively enhance protective security.

High】 【technical performance: the main parameters reach the international technical level

【Venue】 compression: three of procedures, and could be significantly pre-compressed storage and transport facilities

Convenient】 【assembly: no special complex tools.

Second, the basic parameters

】 【Electrical performance:

1, rated insulation voltage 660V

2, rated voltage 660V

3 main bus maximum current 5500A (IP30)

4000A (IP4x)

4, the main short bus (IS) withstand current 100KA (RMS)

5, the main bus short peak current 130KA (max)

6, power distribution bus (Vertical Bus) Maximum working current of 1300A

7, power distribution bus (vertical bus) short-term peak current

Standard 90KA (max)

Enhanced 150KA (max)

Protection class】 【: meet IEC529.DIN4050 standards

IP30 protection against solids larger than ∮ 2.5mm

IP4x solid protection against more than ∮ 1.0mm

IP54 in any direction on the dust and splash protection for

(Order IP54 protection rating should be in consultation with the manufacturer)

8, components in the cabinet under the rated current decline IP4x factor: 20%

3, switch type

Cabinet】 【power series Heart (pc): use of MT or other series of circuit breakers

【】 Cabinet electronic cabinet control center (MCC)

By the size drawers are assembled, the circuit breaker or main switch with high score loading rotary switch with fuses.

【】 Cabinet Power Factor Compensation

4, drawer type

There are five standard sizes, are based 8E height (200mm) high main degree basis;

8E / 4: a high degree of space in the assembly 8E 4 drawer unit

8E / 2: a high degree of space in the assembly 8E 2 drawer unit

8E: 8E height space in the assembly of a drawers unit

16E: at 16E (400mm) high spatial assembly of a drawer unit

24E: at 24E (600mm) high spatial assembly of a drawer unit

More than five drawer units can be made in a cabinet in a single assembly, but also a mixed assembly.

Functional unit of the drawer has good interchangeability, with connections, testing, breaking three positions and equipped with interlocks.

5, security system

Each cabinet has a high-density polyurethane flame retardant plastic panels that install in the main bus between the room and electrical room, its role is to effectively prevent the switching elements caused by arcing faults and short circuit caused the accident between the bus adopted a strict quarantine measures.

Between the upper and lower drawer are with galvanized metal floor vents are isolated, smaller 8E / 4,8 E / 2 drawer flame retardant engineering plastics around it to pieces, so strong between the adjacent circuit insulation isolation effect.

All drawer switch circuit plug end of a standard configuration MZS type cabinet by the same type of material for the plastic insulation features fully enclosed template for the Long Yuan Electric Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Ronson brand.

Cabinet with a variety of plastic parts to support the live parts, these components are not asked Henderson prime, and the leak has CT1300 grade electrical performance.

6, bus systems

MZS switchgear main bus two groups can be configured, installed in the back of the bus switchgear room. 2 group on the bus can be installed in the upper or lower after the cabinet. Simulation into the line needs bus up and down the two groups may be different or the same section were material. Two separate power supply can also be parallel power supply, also be used as backup power.

Power distribution bus (vertical bus) assembly features a large flame-retardant plastic plates, can prevent the arc discharge caused, but also to prevent human exposure. Through a special connection pieces and the main bus connection.

Cabinet with a separate PE and N neutral conductor grounding system, both through the device, installed in the cabinet prior to the bottom and right side, the loop can be close to ground zero and then join. Shelves structural parts used in all self-tapping screw provides connectivity with high reliability ground.

7, the electrical and mechanical interlocking drawer

Drawer units have a reliable institutional interlock device control by operating the handle, obviously prepared for closing, testing, spare and isolated location.

To enhance security precautions, after positioning in the operating handle on the padlock, lock up plus 3.

Opening the main frame by 8MF steel, section steel of the two sides were modulus 20mm and 100mm mounting holes, to install a flexible, based on user requirements, can be assembled cabinet assembly structure and part of Shing Chuen (side panels and beams) Welding structure. Switchgear sealing between the various function rooms isolated compartment is divided into functional units of its rooms, bus compartment and cable, the functional unit, independent compartments, each has a clear separation between, and reliable. Level of bus use of flat-mounted after cabinet arrangement in order to increase the capacity of bus-powered resistance, the device's main circuit with high short-circuit strength capacity.

Cabinet drawer storey unit capacity to 160mm, divided 1 / 2 to 3 units, five dimensions series, drawer units with institutional interlock device, the changes have only a high degree of change in size, its width and depth dimensions are unchanged. Each cabinet can be installed up to 11 or 22 drawer unit 1 1 / 2 unit drawer, drawer units feature the same excellent interchangeability, the drawer unit with a sufficient number of secondary plugin to meet on the computer interface and automatic control circuit Contact number of requirements. The drawer with the points together, test, out of other locations clearly marked.

All the cold plate surface is treated with phosphate enhanced spray paint, galvanized iron components (colored).

Lap surface is embossed copper, tin, vertical row of silver static touch, plus expanded set of thermoplastic pipe. Copper 98% copper content, plus a transparent sealed outlet circuit board.

Attached: Product main technical parameters:

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